Quality time with Shasa

Quality time with Shasa

Last Saturday I went to a mall with Shasa. The mall was our favorite place to hang out. I and Shasa decided to watch a movie titled “Catching Fire”. It was a second movie from the trilogy of Hunger Games. Before watching, we had ramen noodle as our lunch. When we were eating, we talked about France and England. To study in those countries were our dreams. We have been talking about England and London since we were at senior high school. I told Shasa about my dream to study in the United Kingdom and get the scholarship. Similar to me, Shasa also wanted to study abroad, and she wanted to study in France. France has been become her favorite country and her biggest dream perhaps was to study there. We had the same dreams: to study abroad with scholarship. We talked about our plannings for the future, about our group (dimms), about visiting some places, about her senior in UI who is in the UK now, and many more.

The ramen was quite expensive but it was worth it. After that, we went to a bookstore and read some books. We saw  guide books of France, London, and Europe. The books were very expensive. They were about 200.000-400.000 rupiah. Next, we waited for the movie. We wanted to take some photos in “photo box”, but we cancelled it because we thought it was unnecessary. Then. before watching, we bought two cups of popcorn and entered the studio.

Finally, we watched the movie. The movie was great but the ending was unclear. It made us impatient to watch the last movie “Mockingjay”. After watching the movie, we visited Gramedia bookstore. We saw some novels and frames. Then, we went home separately. 

So, that was about my quality time with Shasa. It was one of my ways to recharge my energy and it was totally fun! 😀


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