There was no class today!

There was no class today!

Today I supposed to have three classes, reading, listening and speaking. I came to the reading class and waited for about fifteen minutes until Ms Desi sent us a message about her absent. My friends were very tired after finishing their novel reviews in the night before. We were happy because Ms Desi could not come to our class today, it meant that we should not present our novel reviews today. A few minutes later, I knew from Anggi, that Mr Atiq, was absent today. Two classes were officially absent. Not long after that, Umi got a text from Ms Neneng that she was absent too. Finally, all classes of today were absent. So, I came to campus for nothing? haha.

Another disappointment came from Ka Anna, our facilitator, she told us that she could not come and the practicum was cancelled. Finally, we gathered at Inten’s place (as usual), and we watched The Possession. Mbake, Umi, and Akira had not watched the movie yet, so we watched the movie again. When we were watching, Umi a.k.a Yeti, kept talking and predicting about what come next in the movie. She was really annoying, but she was funny. The way she predicted the movie was funny. Her lips, her mouth, her nose, were funny. Unfortunately, most of their predictions were wrong.

After watching the movie, we had lunch together, and we decided to take a nap together. At first, we just talked and bullied each other. But then, Umi fell asleep, then Mbake, and the last Dila. I, Inten, Sasya, and Akira did not sleep. Sasya was watching videos from her phone, Inten was tweeting, I and Akira were doing nothing but pinching Sasya’s chubby cheeks.

Several minutes later, we played a game related to words. It was very fun and funny. Umi and Sasya were the ones who could not spell the words easily. After that, Inten did some hijab tutorials on me and Sasya. Sasya was very pretty with her hijab created by Inten. Also, Inten did a tutorial on herself, with her “crazy” hair.

Finally, that was the story of today. Although I had no class today, I still came home in the evening because of my friends. Although I will have a presentation in the next day, I spent my day with them. Well, spent time with them will always be my “escape” from a stressful day or assignment.


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