The Possession

The Possession

Today was Monday and I had no class because Ms Fahriani, my history of English lecturer, could not teach us. Even though there was no class today, I still went to campus to look for some references for my Literature assignment. I was very tired today because I spent almost two hours at main library and faculty library. Unfortunately, I found nothing. There were no books related to my topic. I tried my best to check every literature book, but I got nothing. Because of frustration, I phoned Sasya and went to her place. There was Dila as well. I ate lunch and not long after that, we watched a movie called “The Possession.” Inten and Sasya said that the movie was a horror movie and it was quite creepy. The movie was about a mysterious ghost named Abyzou who trapped in a box. Abyzou wanted to have a life, so she used a little girl’s body named Emily. The story began when Emily got the box, and she started to act strangely. This made her dad, Clyde, frustrated and worried. In the end, Abyzou finally left the body and gone. The movie, in my opinion, was quite creepy. It scared me for some parts, but over all, the story was completely ordinary. We, as the viewers, were able to predict what come next in the movie.

The second movie Inten told me was First Kiss. It was a Thai movie. From the title I knew that movie was a romantic movie. Although I wanted to stay and watch the movie with them, I had to go home. I planned to send the movie, and watch it by myself. Haha

That was for today, and the last was “HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY”  for all teachers and expectant teachers in Indonesia. Be proud to be a teacher! 😀


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