In this writing, I want to share about my best friends in senior high school. We have a group named DIMMS or 5cm. There is a history behind that name. Here is the complete story. Enjoy 🙂

I have four best friends, they are Dini, who also my chair mate for two years, Icha, Miftah, and Shasa. We met in MAN 13, our school, and became good friends for three years and until know. We were not only classmates but also best friends. We have been through many ups and downs, good and bad, happy and sad. 

After graduating from senior high school, we focused on our education in university. It was an unforgettable memory when I was accepted in UIN, and my friends congratulated me. They were very happy for me. Similar to me, Shasa was accepted in UI, Icha was accepted in UIN, Dini was accepted in UNJ, and Miftah was accepted in UHAMKA. All of us had dreams, hopes, and passions for our future. All of them knew about my dreams to be an English teacher, they knew me very well, they understood and supported me in every single thing I did. After several months separated and busy with our own schedules, finally we met again to watch a movie titled “5CM”, it was a movie based on Donny Dhirgantoro’s novel. The movie was incredibly good, funny, and had a message to believe in dreams and pursue them. After watching the movie, I proposed an idea to my friends, I said to them, “How about making a group? the five of us? and the group is 5CM, like the movie we watched.” They all agreed with my idea and since then we have been a group until now. The date when I proposed the idea was December, 15. It became our anniversary date. 

Since then, we have been a group. Later, another idea came up, another name for our group was DIMMS. It was an initial of our names. D for Dini, I for Icha, M for mila, M for miftah, and S for shasa. Finally, we used two names for our group, DIMMS or 5cm. We spent our weekends together. We watched movies, tried new foods, visited an exhibition called Trick Art, karaoke, and many more. We celebrated our anniversary every month by writing 15 on our bbm statuses. We celebrated our birthday together and the birthday girl should treat us foods. It was really amazing.

It is almost one year. On december 15 this year, we are going to celebrate our first anniversary. A lot of plannings have been made to celebrate this special event. In spite of problem and arguments we had, I love them so much. Friendship is one of the things that I really appreciate in life. I cannot imagine my life without friends. Friends are the ones you can share your happiness and sadness with, and they really are, friends.

Written by N.M. on November, 24.

Dedicated to my beloved friends, dimms. 


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