I want to share about my story. This is about my visit to ragunan. I visited ragunan on Wednesday with my friends, and it was totally fun and exhausted.

On Tuesday, after Pronunciation class was over, Mbake said to us, “What about visiting ragunan tomorrow?” and I responded enthusiastically, “That’s a good idea, mbake. Let us go there!” then some of my friends agreed and we decided to go there on Wednesday. There were seven people: me, Mbake, Umi, Inten, Sasya, Syara, and Akira. Unfortunately. Rizxi could not join us (again, after Carita) due to her Literature assignment. Also, Dila did not join because she said that she was lazy. So, there were only the seven of us, the new member was Syara.

In the next day, we planned to wait at Fathulloh, a mosque near UIN. After several minutes waiting, finally we were complete. Inten was very beautiful with her hijab style even though she had a problem to move her head :P, Mbake and Akira was also beautiful with their hijab style. Next, we went straight to Lebak Bulus bus station. One of the men at that station asked us where did we want to go, and he showed us the right car to ragunan, it was 12 C. After asking the driver about our destination, ragunan, finally we went up to the car and the trip began. Along the way, we chatted, laughed, and sang. There were no other passengers but us. It took one hour and half to get there, and at 11 a.m. (if i am not mistaken), we arrived at ragunan.

We were very enthusiastic to explore ragunan. After we bought the ticket, we went straight to see the elephant. It was very big and it seemed old. The cage was quite dirty and lack of maintenance. There was only elephant at that cage. Then, we took several pictures and continue the tour. Next, we saw animals that seemed like deer, Inten, as usual, she said that those deer were bison. After that, we continue our tour. Ragunan was very huge. It made us very tired, hungry, and thirsty.

The interesting one was when we saw the monkeys. There were many types of monkey. What I remembered the most was Bekantan. The name was new for me and it was unique. The monkeys were quite aggressive.Then, we saw the birds, the snakes, the tigers. We decided to perform the zuhur prayer and then ate lunch. After a few minutes deciding where was the best spot to eat, finally we ate lunch among the big trees. With tiker that we bought before, we ate lunch together. Each of us brought her own food. Mbake had noodles, chicken, and mangos for dessert. We shared our food and chatted during the lunch. As usual, Umi, Sasya, and Inten were the ones who got many foods and Mbake’s mangos. After lunch, we continued the tour. And how about the tiker? well, we had Inten to bring them home. The reason was obvious because her bag was empty and had enough space for the tiker :P.

Next planning was to visit Primata Center Schmutzer. It was big. Our expectation was to see many gorillas there, but there was only one gorilla that we found. The condition there was ironic. There was no gorilla but one. The trees and plants were disoraganized. There were only some visitors. I was very sad to see the truth, the real condition of ragunan. In spite of many dissatisfaction, we had a lot of fun there and took a lot of pictures. The Primata Center was the last place we visit. Then we went home.

The trip was quite fun and became a relaxation for us from daily routine and hectic days in Ciputat.



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