The Desire of Learning

The Desire of Learning


The Desire of Learning

Learning is one of the common activities in our lives. But none of us really know the purpose of learning. Some of us think that learning is about getting  high score, graduating, and getting a good job. But none of us really think and know the answer of this basic question, “Why are we learning ?”

First of all let us change our perspective of learning, our thought and our mind-set. For many years our parents say like this, “Study hard and get a high score” but they never make sure that “high score” is really from their children’s effort or not. From that fact we realize that learning is only about getting high score no matter what, that is why we should change our perspective of learning and change our motivation. Learning is more than getting high score, going to school everyday, passing the exam, or getting a good job. Learning is a longlife process for every human being.

                Learning can be a difficult process for some people. The reasons because they are too lazy to learn or study, they hate learning, they prefer playing than learning, they do not have any subject or thing they are interested in, etc. Those reasons can be the main reasons why some people won’t learn.

                In my opinion the basic reason why some people won’t learn is because they do not have any subject or thing they are interested in, they might have not found it yet. This is important for us to find out what  we like, what we are interested in, and what we are going to be in this life because by answering these basic questions we can discover ourselves and give us more spirit to learn.

                After we find out what we are interested in, we can focus on it and learn about it better. This is important to learn something that you like because it helps you enjoy the learning process. If you enjoy the process, learning is not a big deal anymore. You will learn because you want to not because you have to, you will find your self addicted to learn because you have known that learning is fun. When you see learning as something that gives you a pleasure, you will eager to come to school, read a book, or even spend your time at the library. You do these all not because there is someone who ask you to do so, but because you want and enjoy to do that. This is that we called the desire of learning which means the strong feeling and the enjoyment of learning.

                Along the way, we will understand that the most important part of learning is not the result but the process, and we are delighted because we have so much knowledge from the process which useful in our lives. 


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