As English learner I know there are three famous accents: British, American, and Australian. The most famous one is American accent because we can hear the American accent through movies on the tv, movies in the cinema, and from actors and actresses live in America or known as hollywood. While British and Australia are more uncommon ones.

For people who speaks English but not take it as their major do not think accents as a matter because they simply speak English and as long as other people understand what they are saying, they think it was a sign that their speaking is well enough no matter what accent they use. On the contrary, English learners or English students think accents are one of many interesting things to learn about. English students know the difference among those three accents and they can identify which one is British, American, and Australian. They can do that because they have learned about it in their listening class.

I  am as English student really interested in English accents. Once, I ever attempted to imitate the British accent from native speaker I listen to on the internet. I am so interested in British accent because I think it is the sexiest accent among the other ones. I find that British people are sexy when they speak English, it might be because they are the native speaker of English, where English is their mother tongue. I am so obsessed to have a british accent as well, even though I know that it was quite impossible because I was not born in England or other speaking countries. I was born in Indonesia where English is a foreign language and has not become a second language.

One of my friends said, “Mil, the most common accent and the most used is American, not British.” I just responded her statement with smile. But after a few days I think about it more and more until I come up with some conclusions:

1. Having one particular accent is not a big deal. As long as we pronounce the words well, people will understand what we are saying.

2. Indonesian prefer to use American accent perhaps because it is the common one, the most used all over the world, and access to listen to American accent is easier. Almost in all movies on the tv used American accent, many TV shows, celebrity interviews, and many more.

3. In this globalization era, we can learn and gain many information from the internet which is useful for us. We can practice our listening by listen to some videos without subtitle, from those videos we can identify what accent the speaker uses. I think with the internet, everything is much easier. All you have to do is just type the keyword or something you are looking for and then ‘enter’. Voilaaaaaa! You will find a lot of videos match with your keyword. Very Easy!

4. As an English student, I have met some of my lecturers in English Education Department  and I have observed and paid attention that many of them use American accent. Their speaking is sexy and sounds like native speaker. And my facilitator, Ka Ilham, who I think his speaking is impeccable and sounds British is actually use American accent. My lecturer Ms devi uses American accent as well and every time she speaks I always pay attention to her and try to speak like her. She is flawless!

Another lecturer of mine named Ms desi is speaking very well too, but I cannot identify her accent easily because I think she uses American accent but sometimes it sounds like Australian. Well it can be, since Ms desi ever learned in Australia, so I think her accent is influenced by Australian accent.

5. You do not have to try really hard to speak with one particular accent because there are many English speakers all around the world and they have their own accent. Indian is famous because of their strong accent when they speak English. Korean, Chinese, and other countries have their uniqueness too. As long as you pronounce the words correctly and your grammar pattern is good, people will understand you.

I personally believe that all accents are good. My favorite one is British accent, but I  prefer to speak with American accent rather than British or Australian. I have some reasons why I say so. First, because American accent is the common one. Second, easier to practice, and easier to be understood.


2 thoughts on “Accents

  1. I’d have thought the Australian accent would be used more in Indonesia than the American one, because you’re so close to Australia! Lots of primary schools in Australia teach Indonesian as the foreign language, even down south where I live.

    1. Well, I think Australian accent is a little bit dominated Indonesians in speaking English as well as American accent because we often watch movies that mostly used American accent. And I think American is the easiest one for Indonesians to imitate. I find Australians are very fast in speaking, is it true? And would you mind to tell me about how Indonesian language is taught in Australia? Thanks 🙂

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