Inten’s love story

Inten’s love story

Today was about Inten’s love story with abang pulsa and abang cimol. After the Reading class, we went straight to Inten’s place, but Inten wanted to buy pulsa first. When we got there, Inten was very shy to see abang tukang pulsa. She ran very fast, and she could not hide her feeling from us.

Next, when we were walking near Fathulloh, Inten was staring at abang tukang cimol seriously. She smiled for no reason, and was very happy. Then suddenly, abang cimol came, he was riding a motorcycle. Because of our laughter, abang cimol realized, and he smiled back at Inten. We laughed so hard because of that.

Then we ate lunch together, talked about Idam’s secret (Miyabi), discussed about some “movies”, and many more. At 12.00, we went back to campus to attend the Listening class, but there was no Ms Neneng there. After half an hour waiting, we decided to went home. When we were going down the stairs, I saw Inten almost fell down. It was very funny. I, Sasya, and Iqi, laughed so hard. I did not know what Inten was thinking, but she was totally clumsy. One reason, I thought, was because she fell in love. Love is crazy, is not it ? 😛

Finally, that was about today’s story. It was quite funny and interesting. More stories will come up soon! 🙂


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