Review movie I am Sam

Review movie I am Sam

I watched a movie titled I am Sam with my friends two days ago at Inten’s place. And here is the review 🙂

The characters in this movie are Sean Penn as Sam, Dakota fanning as Lucy, Micheille Pfeiffer as Rita Harrison or Sam’s lawyer, and Diane Wiest as Annie. The movie was about a father named Sam with a developmental disability and his beloved daughter Lucy. Soon after giving birth, Lucy’s mother left both of them. In spite of his developmental disability, Sam was able to raise his daughter, Lucy. He worked in a coffee shop for living. He got some help from his friends and his neighbor, Annie. When Lucy was about six, she knew there was something wrong with her father. She knew that her father was different, and her friends started to tease her father by saying “retard”. Lucy was very embarrassed, but she loved her father so much. One day Sam got a problem. Because of his developmental disability, he had to face a custody case. It meant that he could not see Lucy every day and lived separately. Both of Sam and Lucy were very sad to be separated. One of his friends suggested to have a lawyer to deal with this case. Finally, sam came to Rita Harrison’s office and started to tell her about the custody case. Rita was very upset at first, but then she decided to help Sam. Many trials had done until one day, on the last trial, Sam gave some statements. He was trying to say that in spite of his developmental disability, he can raise Lucy well. He can love her, because all she needs is love from his father. But the judge had agreed to give Lucy to foster parents. After several weeks separated, Sam was able to meet Lucy and play with her happily. 

The movie was good, but the ending was too simple. And I love Sean Penn’s acting, it was incredibly good. 

From the movie I get one important message: Never underestimate people with developmental disability. They have heart and love like us. Respect! 

The movie was good. You will emotionally involved in Sam’s story. Worth watching 🙂


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