Let’s Pronounce the Words!

Let’s Pronounce the Words!

Today I had Linguistics and Pronunciation exams. The most exciting part was when we practiced our pronunciation together. After Linguistics done, we went straight to Fathulloh and prayed. Because some of us were on period, we decided to wait and practice.

I opened my Pronunciation book and read it. Suddenly, Inten pronounced some of the words loudly. Her mouth was very wide and seemed elastic :D. Also, her expression was very funny (as always) and weird. I could not help but laughed happily. Then, we pronounced the words in our book enthusiastically. I looked at Inten every now and then, and found her pronouncing the words funnily. Her mouth was wide open and she was full confident. I thought she was an expert in Pronunciation after Ms Ertin and Iqi šŸ˜€

Then after several minutes practicing, we went back to the campus and came to the class. It was still empty. We started to practice again. After several minutes waiting, finally Ms Ertin came to the class and the mid term was began. One by one came to the class and fought. I practiced once again with Rizqa and Umi outside the class. Almost some of my friends had done, and it was my turn to fight. I got “New Orleans” text which means I had to pronounce the “U” sound. I did my best, and hopefully the result will be good.

The class was over. Some of my classmates had gone home. I and Umi went to UIN Syarif HIdayatulloh Hospital to accompany Iqi who were checking her health. When we arrived at second floor, we found Iqi was opening her mouth or known as MANGAP. For your information, my beloved readers, mangap is one of Iqi’s habits. When we got closer to her, I told her to close her mouth (as always), and she did it. Then, we waited for Iqi patiently, and went home.

PS: I try to write every day, to write as often as I can. Even though my English is not good enough, i try to improve it everytime. Including by writing like this. For my beloved friends who read my writings quite often, I would like to say thank you very much. I hope my writings can inspire and amuse you all.



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