Inten’s imagination

Inten’s imagination

Today was an ordinary day, nothing special happened. But i want to tell you, my beloved readers, about Inten’s imagination. Another of her weirdness and another day of laughter HAHA.

The story began when we were doing our writing task, Syadut had me to check her writing, after a few minutes checking Syadut’s, i continued to check Iqi’s, and then Umi’s. They did good job actually and there were only a few errors. All went well, Sasya, Umi, and Iqi were busy with their writing. I myself paid attention to them and tried to help whenever they need, and Inten started to ask me some vocabularies and questions. I started to laugh when she asked me, her expression was totally funny, it was like a combination between funny and confuse :D. Then, Inten came to me and had me to check her writing, i laughed again – louder than before. Her writing’s title was “Tibet and Nepal”, she told me before about the title and her imagination, but i was not sure she will write it or not. And she finally did. I read the story carefully and laughed again, she wrote about going to Tibet and Nepal and the reason was because she wanted to see Yeti. I do not know exactly what Yeti is, but once Inten told me that Yeti is “manusia gunung”, from her gesture, it reminds us of Umi, so we have been calling Umi “Yeti” since then. 

Inten’s writing was good enough and totally different from ours. She has a wild imagination and she wrote what her imagination led her to write. Besides the topic she chose, another difference was “how to go there?” question. Most of us wrote something like “saving money, taking part-time job. etc.” but Inten was different. She wrote “by helicopter”, and it was right as well. I could not blame her for that, just laughed :D.

So, that was about Inten’s imagination in writing. She was creative, full of ideas, silly things, and other weirdnesses. I laughed so hard when she told me that she will visit North Korea and the reason was because of the nuclear. It did not make sense, but Inten’s imagination was beyond ours. 

Today’s story has done. Another story will coming up soon 😉


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