the craziest friends ever!

the craziest friends ever!

i had told you before that i will share about my friends. Well, i have a lot of friends. From kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, senior high, and now college. I have a lot of good friends and made a lot of memories with them.

Now, i am a student of English Education Department and i am in the 3rd semester. My classmates are totally crazy (not all of them but mostly) and weird. I always laugh out loud when i am with them and do something crazy as well.

Among my classmates, i have some of my closest friends. There are seven people. In this post, I will write about them with their characteristics, the weirdness, and many more. Check it out 🙂

The first one is mbake. She is the oldest and also the truest among us. Her name is Siti Nur Solikah but then we call her mbake, maybe because she is javanese. She is very smart and very weird as well. She loves dangdut music and Korean music. Her voice is funny and her laugh is totally weird. In spite of her weirdness, she is the coolest among us, or we know as swag. Recently, we have been teasing mbake with Christopher (his name is very cool, isn’t it?), Christopher is our senior and he is very unique. Mbake always laughs when she meets Christopher. Another gossip is mbake with Sakti. Well, he is our classmate. His obsession is to speak as british as possible and that’s very funny.

The second is Syadutz. She looks like Pao and her father. Her name is Desrinna N.L. She is cute and beautiful like a flower, like her one and only single (Aku cantiiiiik sepertii bunga). We often tease her and pinch her chubby cheeks. She loves a senior and she smiles like a crazy person when she meets him. She has two brothers at Pesanggrahan and we call them “abang gendut or abangnya Sasya”. Now, she is living with Inten and we call them as Mr and Mrs Broto. Syaduts is absolutely Mr Broto :p

The third is Rixxxxxzzzzxxzxiiizizizizi (it is a bit difficult to pronounce her name, seriously). She is the most patient and the most mangap among us. She has a habit to always open her mouth or in bahasa Indonesia “mangap”. Because of that, we often remind her to close her mouth, very weird. Also, she likes to move her body crazily or as mbake called “menggelinjang”. She gets panic easily and she often talks to herself for no reason. That’s annoying but unique as well.

The fourth is Umi. She is the tallest among us. She has  a wide mouth and long legs. She opens her mouth widely everytime she speaks. We call her anak Yeti because she looks like Yeti :D. She loves Kyuhyun so much. Her favorite car is 510 and her favorite hobby is asking for food (minta makanan) haha. She collects a lot of movies, videos, and songs in her laptop. I call her “tukang dvd bajakan” haha. Her motto is “Shuuzon itu boleh kadang-kadang”

The fifth is Akirah. She is the most feminine among us. Her voice is soft and full of desahan. Inten calls her webehek. Now, she has another nickname, Jamet. She is the busiest among us because she joins one organization on campus and really into it.

The sixth is Dila. She is funny and a bit shy, but when she speaks and tells story, her voice will become louder and louder. She loves food and sleep 😀

THE LAST ONE IS INTEN. She is the weirdest among us. We have so many nicknames for her. From Juminten, Piyu Padi, to bang Ocit. She is the funniest. She is very sensitive about dark, black, and something about it. She has a big smile and an unique face. She has a lot of crushes. From abang tukang pulsa to tukang cimol. She loves boys so much. Now, she is living with Syadutz. They are a happy couple 🙂

Finally. that’s all about my crazy friends. One thing i can conclude is : FRIENDSHIP IS WONDERFUL.


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