repost Carita

repost Carita

This is a story about my trip to Carita beach with my lovely and amazing friends. Check it out!

We have planned about this trip for a long time, in one afternoon Inten suddenly proposed an idea to have a holiday together. This idea accepted by the all of us (me, mbake, sasya, umi, rizqi), after a long discussion and consideration we finally agreed to have a trip to Carita beach. Inten, as our leader really excited about this trip, so she took care of everything ( hotel, transportation, route, etc.) She managed all of stuffs well and we simply followed of what she planned for us. In the end, we decided to invite Akira and Dila to join with us and they accepted happily. Unfortunately, rizqi or we usually called hamina couldn’t join with us due to her business. So, the seven of us (actually twenty five :D)  will go to the Carita beach on Friday and Saturday, two days are enough.

And the trip began….


On Friday, June 28.

7.00 a.m. at Sasya’s place we gathered, i was the last who came, after that the six of us (minus Umi, because she will wait at her quarters at kp.rambutan)  went straight to Ciputat to catch our 510 bus or we called this bus as Umi’s bus 😀 we got on the bus and waited until the bus was full enough. The bus’s driver drove the bus very slow, it was like a snail.


8.30 a.m. we arrived at kp.rambutan bus station. It was huge and many buses came back and forth. We met Umi there, with her long legs and wide smile, waving her hand to us. Afer that, the seven of us walked and looked for our bus, primajasa. Our destination was Serang/Merak, and we stopped at damkar, i knew from Inten that damkar was the abbreviation from “pemadam kebakaran”.  It took 4 hours to reach damkar, along the way we were eating, chatting, laughing and joking. There were many sellers who were selling their goods to passengers with their own styles. Very unique and very funny. I and mbake were laughing so hard because of that. There was a drink seller who said mizone with mijon, another one was a seller who sold ‘pembersih kuping’ and he explained that tool funnily. His voice, his face expression were totally funny. Another was an old man who sold a magazine titled “misteri”, the magazine was about “babi ngepet, tuyul” and something like that. We were laughing so hard because of that. One accident happened when we were at PCI, a place where many buses transit. Our bus was crashed by another bus, the driver had a thick mustache and sharp eyes, scary. Our driver and him were arguing for a while, but in the end we continue and left the angry-scary driver mumbled. Along the way, our conversation was about that accident.


1.00 p.m. after a long and exhausted journey, we arrived at damkar. Then, we got on angkot. Next, we planned to use angkot as ours or in bahasa Indonesia “ nyarter angkot “ 😀 with fare Rp.60.000 after negotiated with the driver, finally we went to our destination: Carita beach. Along the way, we saw some buffalos on the road and goats. It was quite funny for us and a bit annoying for me, sasya and dila ( if you know what i mean 😀 ) we were very tired, we didn’t know that the journey will be that long, after discussion led by mbake as the truest among us, we agreed to add the fare to be Rp. 130.000 because our hotel was far enough.



3.00 p.m. horrrrrrrayyyyyy! We arrived at our hotel. The hotel was like our own home, after we got the key, we entered our hotel full with anxiety. Inside the hotel was good enough, there were two rooms, one large living room with tv, dining room, sofa, kitchen and of course toilet. After Ashar prayer, we rushed to the beach. Our destinatioooooon. We took off our shoes and got ready to feel the smoothness of sands. Fresh air, smooth sands, the waves. Perfect! But our stomach was empty, we were very very very hungry!  We decided to eat first in one restaurant nearby our hotel. Our intention was: a bowl of rice. We wanted rice! And in the restaurant we ordered grilled chicken and grilled squid. After eating, we went to the beach happily.


4.00 p.m. beach!!!!! Inten was in action, she was totally lost in waves. The rest of us were standing admiring the panorama of the beach. Picturesque. At the first, i, dila, and sasya just stood and play with the sands and sometimes wash our feet with water. Just that. But seeing inten was very happy, i joined her to enjoy the beach. Standing, sitting, waiting for the waves to splash us. And indeed, it was amazing. Me, inten, sasya and dila were very happy, our clothes were full of water, our body was wet, and our body was full of sands. Mbake was our manager today, she didn’t join with us, she just taking a photo, taking care of our goods. Akira and umi were did the same, they just ran back and forth and took a picture. Apparently, the four of us (me, inten, sasya, dila) were the ones who enjoy the beach completely without worry at all.


5.30 p.m. tired but fun. We went back to our hotel to shower. My body was completely wet. We agreed to shower in turn. Awkwardly, me and Dila agreed to shower together. When we were showering, we were talking about many things. We had promised that we wouldn’t see each other. After shower, Magrib and Isya prayer, we gathered at living room, watching together. We were thinking about our dinner and the only one choice was noodle. Finally, inten, umi and sasya bought the noodle and borrowed a pot. All of us were treated by Inten. Alhamdulillah. Mbake and dila cooked the noodle, after dinner, we just laying on the carpet, watching tv together.


10.30 p.m. bed time. We agreed to sleep in one room together, there were two beds. Enough for us. After brushed our teeth, washed our face and feet, we were ready to sleep. At the first, we were laughing and joking about many things, we were teasing Akira for her ‘desahan’ hahaha :D, slowly but sure we fell asleep.


6.00 a.m. woke up!!!! my alarm went off but i ignored it and back to sleep until Inten woke me up. She told me about her ‘weird’ dream. Everybody was tease me because of that. Our planning today was to take a picture as many as possible. We took a picture for a while, after that we decided to went back to our hotel, took a bath and had a breakfast. One accident happened, our big baby lost her sandals. She and umi tried to find them but nothing. The sandals had gone. Poor big baby L


10 a.m. we were fresh now. Breakfast done, shower done, we were ready to took a picture more. We walked along the beach, barefoot. We took a picture as many as we could. The results were good enough. We were satisfied. Drizzle suddenly came, not long after that followed by heavy rain. We ran back to our hotel. We were packing because we must check out at 12.00 noon. After Zuhur prayer, we were ready to leave our hotel. We had checked every room. Everything was clear. Now, we were ready to back home.


1.30 p.m. we were waiting for angkot. Many of the angkot drivers asked us or even forced us to got on the angkot. We refused politely. But the driver keep forcing us, we got angry. But finally, we got on one angkot, still, with an anger inside. Along the way, we were very hungry. We shared snacks, we ate them all in a couple of minutes.


2.30 p.m we stopped at one restaurant to have a lunch. After that, we got on an angkot to PCI then got on our bus to kp.rambutan. Arrived at PCI, we were waiting for our bus. After asking around about our bus, we finally wait. One hour had passed, two hours had passsed but our bus didn’t show up. We were frustrated, the most frustrated was me. We were praying for our bus, until the bus came! The bus to kp.rambutan, our destination, had came. We praised to Allah, Alhamdulillah. We ran quickly, fortunately there were enough seat for us. Soon, we were on the bus heading to kp.rambutan. Went home.


9.00 p.m. we arrived at kp.rambutan. Finally, Jekarddddddaaaaah. The tallest among us, umi, waving her hand to us. Now, there were only the six of us looking for 510. Fortunately, there was the bus. The last 510. How lucky we were! Soon, we were on the bus heading to Ciputat.


10.00 p.m. arrived at Ciputat. Very tired and drowsy. I decided to stay at Dila’s place with Akira. While Inten and mbake will stay at sasya’s place.

Sunday morning, we went back to our home. I miss LA haha. On Monday, we still have to go to campus because of Short Semester program that we take.

These two days holiday are definitely fun and enjoyable. Maybe, we will visit another place again someday with Rizqi of course. This is such a unforgettable memory J  i hope next time, we can have a holiday together, not only the eight of us but the whole of our class members. Hopefully J



“ Best friends are the people in your life that make you laugh louder, smile brighter, and live better”



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