OK, i am so happy now because i have a blog! 

Well, having a blog has been my dream since i was in senior high school. I think blog is one of the best media to express your feelings and thoughts. Because of that, i want to have a blog and share any kind of things i want.

Another reason why i want to have a blog is because i love to write. I find writing is a fun activity. Also, writing gives me a lot of benefits. i started to write a diary when i was in senior high school and it lasted for 3 years. I wrote many things in my diary, from my school activities until the love things and stuffs :D. Sometimes, when i miss my high school moments, i simply reread the diary and got a big smile on my face. 

After the diary, i started to write on a facebook note. It was more modern because i just have to type and voilllla! one note can be done.  I have been doing that for at least 2 years. I wrote about my high school moments and events. The latest note i wrote was about my holiday with my lovely friends at Carita beach. Like the diary, when i miss the moments i had with my friends, i reread my notes on facebook and laugh happily. 

And now, the blog. In this globalization era, the technology has made our lives easier. There are many social media to communicate with your friends, for instance, Facebook, Twitter. For videos, you can visit Youtube. And for writing media, you can try blog. Because of the benefits we can get from the technology, i decided to have a blog.

Finally, i had Ummi, one of my friends, to make a blog for me. And now i have a blog. In this blog, i want to share about my feelings, thoughts, stories, friends, families, and many more. Also, i will try to write in English and sometimes in Bahasa Indonesia. I am sure that will be amazing. 

That’s all for my first post. Will write many posts later 😀 





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